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Speaking Engagements

I’ve been doing speaking engagements for the past 8 years and have experience with lots of different topics. While I ask for an honorarium, I’m happy to work sliding scale and accomodate smaller budgets.  Each situation is different, depending on distance, time commitment, and my schedule.  Contact me at tobi at nodesignation dot com, or by leaving a comment on this blog to discuss your specifics.

I’m a multiracial trans dyke. I always work intersectionality into my presentations and usually end up discussing how a topic effects people dealing with multiple issues of oppression. I am a contributor to, publishe zines and other media through Handbasket Productions, and maintains an archive of my older work at  A more detailed bio is available on bilierico

Here’s a quick run down of my some information you might find useful in deciding if I meet your needs as a speaker.


  • Currently serve as COLAGE board co-chair
  • Nominee for a Feminist Porn Award (2009)
  • Given an “Unsung Hero” award by the University of Oregon Office of Multicultural Academic Support. (2008)
  • Given an “Equality Champion” Award by Basic Rights Oregon (2008)
  • Co-founded Lane Gender Task Force and helped organize local trans activism (2003-2006)
  • Participated in a variety of campus actions on race and social justice issues (2001-2006)

Recent Topics Presented On:

  • Examinig Transmisogyny
  • Not Fantasies, Not Victims: Sex Worker Realities
  • Gaps in the LGBT Movement: Focusing on Trans and Race issues
  • New Labels, No Labels: Why LGBT isn’t Enough
  • Making Non-Binary Gender Visible

For a more detailed, if somewhat older, description of possible presentation topics, visit the workshop page on my old website

Writings and Articles:


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  1. Hi Tobi!
    Would it be possible for you to email me. I’m working on a writing project that could use the wisdom of your experience.
    I wrote your mother, Jennifer from the link and asked her to forward the email.
    If you get this message, please contact me.

    I’m working on a screenplay with a transperson back story.
    Your input would be much appreciated!

    Comment by Regan DuCasse | December 5, 2009 | Reply

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